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Welcome to Shelly's Nannies and Maternity Nurses

Are you looking for a maternity nurse for a couple of nights or a couple of months? Shelly's Nannies Inc. is here to help you. Getting some help by a professional can help the whole family relax and get well-adjusted with the new member of the family as well as allowing mom to catch up on some well needed rest.

Maternity Practitioners role and responsibilities:

  • Adapting to the needs of each family.
  • Giving advice on all aspects of baby-care, sleep, hygiene, routines and feeding among a few.
  • Supporting the entire family by reassuring and helping everyone adjust to the new baby.
  • Breastfeeding support.
  • Postpartum Depression Support (PND).
  • Circumcisions.
  • Cord care.
  • Hospital visits / stays.
  • Feeding baby.
  • Breastfeeding Management & Support.
  • Colic.
  • Reflux issues.
  • Routines.
  • General care and support of your baby.
  • All our maternity nurses have been personally interviewed, and references have been checked.

    How much do maternity nurses cost?
    Maternity nurses usually charge $20.00-$26.00 per hour depending on how many infants there are and depending on the maternity nurses' experience. Maternity nurses are usually self-employed.

    Are maternity nurses qualified?
    The majority of maternity nurses have Maternity Nurse Training (MNT). Students cover all aspects of care of the newborn and post-natal mother, including in-depth breast feeding training.

    Agency Fees
    The placement fee is only payable if you hire a maternity nurse through Shelly's Nannies Inc. Agency fee is $200.00 per week plus HST based on 5 days per week (not-pro-rated). Minimum contract of 5 consecutive days. Clients will be invoiced once a position has been offered and accepted.