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Looking for work as a nanny?!

  • All candidates are required to complete a full application form which includes: employment history relevant to the position, experience & qualifications are an asset, personal details
  • To check identity of candidate against a relevant document such as driving license, passport, working visa or Birth Certificate All candidate must be legal to work in Canada.
  • Proof of original certificates or qualifications
  • An informal interview to determine suitability and check all information supplied by the candidate
  • References will be checked to confirm candidates competence and suitability
  • To respect confidentiality of both clients and candidates and to treat all dealing with professionalism and integrity a qualified professional nanny and, as sole owner of Shelly's Nannies, brings more than 25 years experience as a nanny to this endeavour.

Click here to complete an online application.

Please feel free to download our forms in Microsoft Word format or print them in PDF format. Using Microsoft Word, just fill in the form and save to your computer and email the form back directly to . Use the PDF format to print off and mail or fax in the form.

Authorization Form Auth Word Auth PDF
Nanny Form
Nanny Form Nanny PDF